Councillor Sean Chu’s May 2021 report to Calgarians

Greetings Ward 4 Residents, 

Did you know that part of your yard is made up of rights-of-way, and your property line doesn’t begin at the edge of the road or sidewalk closest to your home? 

The City of Calgary is responsible for managing access to municipal rights-of-way in Calgary. A right-of-way is an area that gives The City space to install infrastructure (e.g. street light poles and trees), while also giving shallow utilities (i.e. power, gas and telecommunications providers) a place to install and maintain their critical infrastructure.  

When utility work is required in your community, crews can apply for the permits required to access the right-of-way to install infrastructure, both above and below ground. All properties contain a road right-of-way, but only some properties have a utility right-of-way on them. In most cases, the utility right-of way starts at your property line and extends inward, toward your home.  

The space the right-of-way takes up in a yard will vary and it can also be located along the side of your home or at the back. As a homeowner, you are responsible for mowing and general maintenance, but it is technically the road right-of-way and is considered public land. To learn where the right-of-way is located on your property, visit  

The City is working hard to ensure Calgarians receive outstanding value for their property tax dollars. We’re committed to delivering services that meet Calgarians’ needs in the most efficient way possible while continuing to focus on reducing costs and supporting the local economy.  

For 2021, your City Council approved an overall property tax rate decrease after $90 million in savings were found. Approximately 77 per cent of all residential properties will see a reduction or 0 per cent increase in their 2021 property tax. Visit

Your property tax bill includes both a municipal and a provincial portion. For residential taxpayers, approximately 63 per cent goes to fund City services such as police, fire, streets and parks, while 37 per cent is remitted to the province of Alberta.  

Property taxes are the primary revenue source used to fund municipal programs and services that Calgarians value and use every day. We remain committed to ensuring that Calgarians receive value for their property tax dollars. We’re continuously improving and modernizing our services to reduce costs and are seeking innovative new ways to encourage and support Calgary’s success. Visit to learn more. 

Thank you for your attention, 

Ward 4 Councillor Sean Chu 

TGCA Programming & Community Engagement Coordinator

Programming and Community Engagement Coordinator at the TGCA,

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