Overview of The TGCA

All about the Thorncliffe Greenview Community Association and Recreation Centre

The Thorncliffe Greenview Community Association is extremely active with over 800 members and thousands of visitors annually. As a community association, we serve the areas of Thorncliffe and Greenview and we are proud to extend our membership and access to the facilities to the greater Calgary area as well.

The association was formed in 1956, and has grown from a one room hall to a multi-use recreation and event centre. Our facility has a variety of amenities, including meeting rooms, offices, banquet halls and a seniors’ centre-The Thornview Seniors’ Centre on the south end of the complex, commercial catering and restaurant service kitchens, and a restaurant-The 56. Look for recreation options? The centre also houses 4 racquetball courts, 4 lanes of 5-pin bowling-which are quite popular for children’s parties- 4 pickleball courts from May – August,  The Forbes Innes arena indoor skating rink, and there’s a baseball diamond, inclusive playgrounda disc golf course, and a tobogganing hill and beautiful green space just steps away.

Numerous community sporting activities take place at the centre, including racquetball, volleyball, slo-pitch, figure skating, hockey, ringette, baseball and bowling. A number of groups make use of the facility as well, including the Girl Guides, Boy Scouts, The Fun Kids Club Daycare, Tai Chi and group fitness classes. To raise money for the centre’s upkeep and staffing, weekly bingos are held on Sundays and Tuesdays. The local Booster Club and Women’s League are also instrumental in raising funds at the TGCA.

The centre is located in north Calgary at the easterly base of Nose Hill Park and south of the community of Huntington Hills. Residents enjoy the continuation of the lower and gentler portion of the Nose Hill bluff system, having a foothills character affording views in a number of locations. The form of development which has occurred since the inception of our community in 1954 is predominantly single-family, interspersed with some duplex dwellings. Residents of Thorncliffe have access to Nose Hill Park and the pathway, which includes a route through the Nose Creek Valley. 

What is a community association?

Community associations are membership-based, volunteer led, non-profit groups most often responsible for facilities in dedicated areas of the city that support the social, civic and cultural structure of a community. Residents of a community can contact their community association and its board members with concerns about virtually anything related to the area; infrastructure, traffic, crime, fitness and arts programming, cultural events and so much more. The most effective way to address ongoing concerns is often to create or join a volunteer committee or group to assess local residents’ awareness and/or make your project a reality with fellow residents and neighbours.

A bustling community association and healthy volunteer base can directly increase quality of life and even property values in a neighbourhood, so joining the TGCA is an easy way to contribute positively to your community today!

Membership at the TGCA

A strong community association is built on the foundation of its members, and the TGCA strives to bring ours more reasons to take advantage of what our association has to offer.

Over the years, the membership has worked hard to build one of the largest community centres of its kind in Calgary. Today, the centre is primarily used by the membership for recreational, cultural and social activities, such as weddings, seminars, religious celebrations, children’s programs, seasonal community events and more.

Your membership will include yourself, your partner/spouse, and any dependents/children that you have in your care-children over 18 years of age are required to have their own membership. It is an annual membership that begins the day you join or renew, and you will receive a secure account, which offers many convenient features, and you may add your immediate family members to that account as well.

The TGCA has two types of memberships: resident for those living in Thorncliffe or Greenview and non-resident for those living in the greater Calgary area. Both memberships are $15 annually, however resident members may attend and vote in the TGCA AGM.

Your membership comes with many benefits and is a family membership for all those in your immediate family under the age of 18. You may add your family members to your account in your online membership account

Become a member today and support your community!

We’ve got a space for just about any event, program or occasion

Thousands of visitors come through our doors every year. Whether you are looking for community hall for a wedding, numerous rooms for a conference or a quiet space for a meeting, we’ve got you covered. All of our spaces, except the Greenview Room, are wheelchair accessible and parking at the centre is ample. We’ve also got options for catering and liquor service too!

Below is an overview of the spaces we have for rent and their capacities:

Main Hall – The main hall is in the south portion of the centre and is used for larger weddings, conventions, town halls, youth and adult sport programs, celebrations of life, fairs and more. With over 10,000ft2 of unrestricted floor space, it’s one of the largest multi-functional community halls in Calgary and can accommodate up to 800 guests. The Main Hall measures 148’ x 72’, and comes equipped with a 12’ x 24’ stage rising 40” above the floor.

Thorncliffe Room – Located on the main floor of the centre, beside the office, The Thorncliffe Room is a versatile space with great acoustics, perfect for larger meetings and smaller celebrations. It is equipped with a full bar that includes 2 refrigerators for beverages, a men’s and a women’s washroom on the premises, two possible entrances/exits. The space measures 52’ x 47’, or 2,400 ft2, and comes equipped with a drop down projector screen, and an 8’ x 12’ stage rising 15” above the floor.

The 5600 Room – This space is incredibly versatile and works perfectly for small parties, and medium-sized meetings or classes. It’s bright and midway between the main building and the arena. Capacity is 40 people, 30 seated and is approximately 17’ x 31’ in size and wheelchair accessible. There is a bar with pop gun, sink and refrigerators; washrooms right outside the entrance to the space, a television and stereo available for entertainment, a convenient space to store coats and serve food.

The Board Room – Directly adjacent the main entry and the office, this bright and spacious room is ideal for business or organization meetings and interviews, and is where our own board meet each month. With 20 comfortable rolling chairs, a projector screen, plenty of available privacy and nice lighting with the recent addition of frosted glass walls, and ample space for a lunch or dinner spread, collaborations and mid-sized meetings are productive and easily accommodated in this space.

The Horizon Room – This is a small room off of the Old Lobby arena viewing area. With a large table with adequate seating for 12, as well as some seating along the south counter, this room is a great option for those looking for an affordable place to meet up in a private and quiet spot. Often used by the guides, this space is ideal for small lectures, lessons and meetings.

The 56 Restaurant and Lounge – Why not forgo all that planning and let us do the work for you? The 56 hosts many types of events, like Christmas parties, anniversaries, league wrap-ups, corporate retreats, and birthday parties. The capacity of the room is 80 seated, there are 8 televisions with that evening’s best games on, and we’ve got great billiard entertainment options too. At The 56 you can either have your guests order off the menu, you can pre-order food from the menu-our pizzas are always a crowd-pleaser-or you can arrange some catering from our kitchens beforehand.

See the spaces suitable for fitness classes – Main Hall gymnasium, Thorncliffe Room, Multi-purpose Room, Old Lobby.

If you are looking to book a space for an event, submit an inquiry on the information page or contact Diana, d.christie@tgcacalgary.com or call 403-274-6840 to inquire.

People Look Forward to our Events all Year!

The TGCA provides a variety of community amenities combined with an extensive array of programs and year-round events and activities to promote and support our members and others who come to share and use our facilities in order to ultimately increase quality of life and community spirit of our area.

Largely due to the hard work of our events committee, our seasonal events are exceptionally popular and well attended by TGCA members and non-members alike. However, members of the association receive a discounted price on the tickets to these events, and advanced notice of dates and event details.

Typically, our seasonal events revolve around children, and rarely, do we ever have an event at which some form of special entertainment or activity isn’t included. The children and the parents tell us they look forward to our events all year long!

Recreation at the Centre

So much to do and try, it’s hard to decide where to begin!

Our facility contains a commercial catering and restaurant service kitchens, a restaurant-The 56, meeting rooms, offices, banquet halls and a seniors’ centre. For community recreation, the centre also houses 4 racquetball courts, 4 lanes of 5-pin bowling, The Forbes Innes arena-indoor skating, a baseball diamond, an inclusive playground, horseshoe pits, and a tobogganing hill.

Numerous community sporting activities take place at the centre, including racquetball, volleyball, slo-pitch, figure skating, hockey, ringette, baseball and bowling. A number of groups make use of the facility as well, including the Girl Guides, Boy Scouts, Before & After School Care, Tai Chi and fitness. Special activities such as dances, craft fairs, parties and wine and cheeses are also held at the TGCA.

Youth and Adult Programs

TGCA programs in North CalgaryAs a community association, our mission is to provide community amenities combined with an array of programs and year-round events and activities to promote and support our members and others who come to share and use our facilities.

Programs for community well being run by the TGCA include Hatha Yoga, Sit & Be Fit, Drop-in Quilting, a racquetball league, a volleyball league, and a number of youth and adult art classes.

We are consistently building on our youth programs and adult programs to suit the perceived needs of the residents we serve.

Fitness, quality of life, creativity, optimism, and investment in relationships are some of the outcomes that the TGCA aims to create with our offered and upcoming programs, and we are always open to hearing what you might like to see or lead here at the centre.

The TGCA owes a great debt of gratitude to our partnered youth fitness organizations. These partnerships ensure that the centre is a viable and vibrant place to gather in our community.

Our website has plenty more information available at your fingertips, but if you’d like to asks us about anything at all, either email Vanessa, v.gillard@tgcacalgary.com or call the office, 403-274-6840 and our team will be happy to help you.