TGCA Online Membership & Account Overview

PLEASE NOTE: if you aren’t able to stay logged into your account, refresh the page and you should be logged in again. If you didn’t receive an email from the TGCA, please look in your junk folder.

The TGCA created its own proprietary website in 2020 in order to reduce admin and operating costs. While we still offer the same online features as on our previous site, we’ve got some great new features, too. Members can manage all online transactions and personal information from their account and see what access and discounts are offered. 

One of the unintended results of moving our memberships to this new system is some of the members addresses and phone numbers were lost. Due to this omission, we are asking the help of our members in filling in those blanks. You can fill in this information in your account as described below.  


Signing into your account 

  1. Go to the TGCA website, and click on “Login. 
  2. Put the email that is associated with your membership account into the “username” field. 
  3. Enter your password in the “password” field. 
  4. If you don’t remember your password or you haven’t logged into the site before, click on the link below the login window that says, “lost your password?” 
  5. An email will be sent to your email account that will allow you to change your password. Your password must be 10 characters with one capital letter, 1 number and 1 symbol. Please follow the instructions.  
  6. If you don’t receive this email, please check your “junk” folder. 
  7. You can now use your email and newly created password to access your membership account. 


Renewing your membership 

You will receive a notification to your email when your membership has expired, please renew when it has expired and not before. The system doesn’t process early renewals well. 

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Go to your account under “My membership account.”
  3. Click on “memberships” and then “manage.”
  4. Click the “renew” button and follow the prompts.


What’s in your account?

The initial page of your account displays your membership type, start date, expiry date and status, along with options to view or cancel your membership. 

Print or save your membership card: You can view or print your active membership card by clicking “view” and then “print card.” Take a screenshot and save it on your phone for future use.


Your account has a menu. In it, you’ll find: 

Dashboard: takes you back to the initial and main menu, seen above. 

Orders: these are all of the orders that you have placed on the TGCA website. You can see the order itself, the order number, the date it was placed, the statusmake payment (VISA or Mastercard), as well as take other actions-depending on what stage the order is at.  

Membership: This is a submenu that gives you direct access to membership restricted areas. 

Products: a list of products that only members have access to.  

Discounts: a list of products that members have exclusive discounts fori.e., programs like Hatha Yoga. 

Notes: any notes that may have been made on your account regarding your standing in the membership.  

Manage: the status of your membership (active, expired), and the start and expiry dates. This is where you can renew your membership. 

Print card: brings up an image of your membership card that you can show for membership required events/services, and you can also print a PDF of your membership for your records or wallet.  When you add your spouse/dependents to your account they will appear on your membership card as well. 

My profile: add your spouse/partner and your dependents. When you’ve added your household members, they will appear on your membership card. Please note that dependents over 18 are required to purchase their own TGCA membership. 

Address: add or edit your address. 

Account details: change your name, email and password. These are required elements of your account and can’t be left unentered. 

Bookings: view all current, upcoming, and past bookings created with the TGCA. 

Logout: logout here 


If you have any questions about your account, or are having trouble accessing it, please email Vanessa, 

Print or save your membership card on your phone

Login to your membership account. See instructions on this page.

Navigate to the “Memberships” tab.

Go to “Access Your Membership Account Here”

Click on “view” next to your membership.

Click on “print card.”

When you see your card, you can:

  1. Click print for a printable version.
  2. Take a screenshot and save it to your phone for future use.