Spaces for Rent: Event Venues

The Main Hall

Please note: Rental of the Main Hall is not available on Sundays or Tuesdays at any time.

The TGCA Main Hall is the perfect place for fundraisers, company gatherings and parties, weddings, tradeshows and so much more. With over 10,000ft2 of unrestricted floor space, it’s one of the largest multi-functional community halls in Calgary and can accommodate up to 700 guests seated.

The Main Hall measures 148’ x 72’, or 10,000ft2 and 20′ feet to the rafters, and the rental comes equipped with a 12’ x 24’ stage rising 40” above the floor.

The rental comes with 3’x 6’ folding tables and standard frame and padding chairs. You can comfortably arrange 3 chairs around either long side of the tables, for a recommended total of 6 people per table, though this is dependent on the floor plan that you choose.

Your rental begins at 10:30 am and ends at 3:00 am, as in you must be packed and have vacated the space. Should you require additional time to setup your event, this can be discussed in the booking process.

Rental Fee

250-500 guests: $1500

501-700 guests: $1875

Damage deposit is equal to the rental fee.

All prices are subject to GST.

Confirming your rental

When the damage deposit has been received by the TGCA and your rental contract has been signed, your rental is officially booked and confirmed. Until that time, the TGCA reserves the right to rent to any prospective parties.

When you have confirmed your rental, the remainder of your fees and your floor plan will be due 2 weeks prior to your event. The remainder of the corkage fee will be due at the end of your event and remitted to our staff by either cheque, debit or credit, and finally, given that all policies and guidelines were followed, your damage deposit, in the form of a cheque, will be sent back to you via the mail at the address that you’ve provided for your TGCA account.

Kitchen Use

The kitchen is directly adjacent to the Main Hall, and has 2 over-sized ovens, a 6-burner range, a flat-top grill, and 1 large refrigerator available to rental events. The rental kitchen does not have a commercial dishwasher, but has a two compartment sinks. The kitchen is expected to be cleaned and returned to the condition that it was in at the start of usage.

When serving alcohol at your event, the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission requires that food will be served to your guests, regardless of whether your event is ticketed or private.

Option 1

Storage/Warm and Serve Only: $200

This option includes the use of the adjacent kitchen space for the storage of the food you are providing and the use of the ovens for warming only during the day’s event.

Option 2

Prepare and cook food (using base ovens only) $450

This option offers full access to the rental kitchen facilities.

Additional Kitchen Options (Must be a licensed catering company)

2 Convection Ovens: $110

Deep Fryer Options: $435 (includes ZTF oil)

Bar Services

TGCA Hosted Bar | available for events with 250 guests or more | Let us take care of everything with one of these 3 options: cash & drink ticket bar, cash bar, open bar. No corkage fees or liquor licence required.

Client Stocked Bar | Buy the liquor and liquor license and get the all the proceeds from the bar at your event. Corkage fee per guest mandatory.

Alcohol service corkage: $5.75 per guest.

Non-alcohol Service Bar | Don’t want alcohol but still looking for refreshments for your guests? This is a great option for town halls and high school gatherings.

Non-alcohol service corkage: $4.50 per guest.

More info on bar services and corkage in the menu on this page. 

Bartending Staff

The TGCA includes ProServe certified bartenders for all Main Hall events in the rental fee and there is no additional fee to the client for this service. Clients do not have the option to provide their own bartenders for TGCA events.


The corkage fee is mandatory for events with either Non-alcohol Bar Service or Client Stocked Bar and there is a minimum charge for corkage in the Main hall of 250 x corkage fee regardless of whether the number of expected guests at your event is fewer. The total corkage fee you are charged is based on your expected number of guests. This charge will appear on your invoice to be paid 2 weeks before your event.

The corkage fee includes the following in the Main Hall: pop, juice, ice, plastic glasses, straws, bartender wages.

Corkage fee for events with Client Stocked Bar: $5.75 per guest

Corkage fee with Non-alcohol Service Bar: $4.50 per guest

For more info on corkage, see the menu on this page. 

To book the Main Hall, please see availability and submit an inquiry through the menu on this page or contact Rania Elkhatib,, or 403-274-6840