TGCA Youth Programs

As a community association, our mission is to provide community amenities combined with an extensive array of programs and year-round events and activities to promote and support our members and others who come to share and use our facilities.

We are consistently building on our programs to suit the perceived needs of Thorncliffe Greenview, first and foremost, and beyond.

If you have a suggestion for a program or you’d like to lead a committee or group, please contact Vanessa,

See our partnered organizations and clubs, like McKnight Hockey, Scouts & Guides, and The Thorncliffe Greenview Ice Skating Club, on the Partnered Organisations and Clubs page here.

TGCA Youth Programming | Associated programs

TGCA Gym Night

Winter 2023 session registration closed, Spring 2023 opens Mar. 15

We’ve got lots of equipment to play with, tons of space in the gym and plenty of kids typically come too! This weekly program is a great opportunity for the kids to blow off some steam in a supervised environment, giving parents an opportunity to use our facilities, maybe join the adult art class that’s at the same time on Wednesdays, enjoy our wing night in The 56 or just take some much deserved you-time.

Balls, tumbling matts, nets for basketball and soccer, racquets, fun kids’ games, and much more are available for use. You’re welcome to bring your own toys and equipment, however, no floor hockey, scooters, skateboards or roller blades, please.


Rules & Guidelines at Gym Night

Open Gym Night is now registration only and open to TGCA members only. All children attending must be registered. Registration is online for gym night for each child 4 – 15 years of age. 

  1. Children under 5 years of age are required to be accompanied by their parents. No exceptions.
  2. During drop off, parents are to wait for Gym Night supervisors before leaving their children (Vicky is always wearing something very visible – such as carrying a teddy backpack) for sign in. Do not leave before you see our Gym Night supervisors AND have checked in or your children will not be permitted to participate.
  3. Doors closed at 7:20 pm. All children must be checked in by that time or they will not be allowed entry on that Gym Night.
  4. Children must bring their own water bottles (label the bottle, please).
  5. No one is allowed to enter the back room or the loading dock area. Please ask a Gym Night supervisor for help if you need something.
  6. Participants aren’t allowed to change or remove any setup that is currently available in the gym.
  7. Bathrooms are NOT A PLAYGROUND. Please explain this to your children.


Dates, time and fees

Winter/Spring 2023

Time: 7 – 8 pm, Wednesday nights in the TGCA Main Hall gym. Clean up 8 – 8:15 pm.


Winter session: Jan. 18 -March 1 | 7 dates | Winter session registration now closed

No gym night March 8 – 22

Spring session: March 29 – May 10 | 7 dates | registration opens March 15

Fees: Gym Night, Winter/Spring 2023 registration per child: $17.50+tax. Fees will not be prorated based on when your child can and can’t attend.



To register, make sure you’re logged into your membership account, click on the registration link above and register each child in your family who will be attending-including their name and age.

Registration will not be prorated if your child missed dates or can’t attend.

Ages 4 – 15 welcome. Our Gym Night supervisors will divide the groups for various age-appropriate activities, if registration numbers are high. 

The TGCA takes Visa and Mastercard for online payments. Members may also pay fees in the office with cash, debit or credit, Mon-Fri 9 am – 4:30 pm.



Children under 6 years old are no longer required to have a parent or sibling in attendance at Gym Night, as there will be dedicated childcare professionals supervising the program. Of course, parents are always welcome to stay and play!

Please sanitize your child’s hands and check in with gym night supervisors upon arrival. All registered participants will appear on the list and be admitted. Those who do not appear on the list, will need to get registered and will not be admitted. 


Behavior and pick up

Children are to behave appropriately. Parents will be called and asked to pick up their child if there are any incidents of bullying or aggression. You may be asked to remain at Gym Night to supervise your child if there are multiple incidents.

All children are to be picked up at 8:15 pm sharp. Please encourage your child to help clean up the gym at 8 pm. TGCA supervisors will really appreciate kids’ and parents’ help.



Program cancellation due to COVID regulations: the TGCA follows all restrictions recommended by both the civic and the provincial governments. If new regulations are announced that force the cancelation of Open Gym Night, and the amount of time remaining in the program warrants it, the TGCA will issue refunds for the remaining dates of the program.  

Kids and Youth Art Classes | Winter/Spring 2023

January class registration now closed, registration for March classes opens March 1

The community association is pleased to offer art classes for kids and youth for Winter & Spring of 2023. Our classes are for ages 5 – 15 every Sunday, beginning Jan. 22. Registration for the drawing classes closes Jan. 16.


The instructor, Karen Pennifold (see bio below), will lead classes through age and skill appropriate art concepts and methods and use contemporary and historic examples in her lessons to bring context and weight to how art effects our lives. Younger and older kids can expect a fun and engaging class where they’re encouraged to discover their individual talents and explore their imaginations.


Fees Classes are $60 for TGCA members and $90 for non-members. Become a TGCA member here. Learn more about our membership here.


Location All classes are in The Horizon Room in the mid-section of the facility. See the orange star on the map at the bottom of this page.


Materials required for class are to be provided by students. Materials are in the class listings. 


All kids and youth program instructors and volunteers hired or placed by the TGCA have valid Calgary Police vulnerable sector searches on file with the community association.


The TGCA abides by all civic and provincial health and pandemic restrictions. Currently there are no restrictions in place, however, should there be announcements of restrictions, students will be expected to abide by these mandates. Refunds will be provided only in the case of a mandated closure of the TGCA and refunds will be prorated for the remaining duration of dates in the classes.

Choose from 3 classes for 3 age ranges from January until June

All kids and youth art classes are 6 dates, $60 for members and $90 for non-members

Drawing classes | Jan. 22 – Mar. 5 | 6 dates | registration now closed

Medium – pencil/coloured pencil

These classes are a supplement to the classes taught at the centre Fall 2022, but if your child didn’t take those classes, that’s entirely okay. Winter 2023 drawing classes are open to all skill levels.

Art class materials list here.

This class is full. Please email Vanessa, to get onto a waitlist.

Ages 5 – 8 | all skill levels | Jan. 22 – Mar. 5, no class on Feb. 19 | 1:30 – 2:30 pm | 6 dates

$60 for TGCA members | $90 for non-members

Students will learn the basics of texture and value and how to use geometric shapes in their drawings, while exploring how to create fantasy and cartoon animals, like a chibi dragon, unicorns and make optical illusions. The last part of the class focussing on how the concepts covered come together to make a realistic dog drawing.

This class is full. Please email Vanessa, to get onto a waitlist.

Ages 9 – 12 | all skill levels | Jan. 22 – Mar. 5, no class on Feb. 19 | 3 – 4 pm | 6 dates

$60 for TGCA members | $90 for non-members

Students will learn multiple texture techniques and learning about value when creating their own pop culture artwork and yummy desserts. Subjects in the class will be a raptor similar to Blue from Jurassic World, they’ll make their own shape shifting optical illusion art and will cartoon a unicorn or horse. The final part of the class focussing on how the concepts covered come together to make a realistic wolf drawing.

Ages 13 – 15 | all skill levels | Jan. 22 – Mar. 5, no class on Feb. 19 | 4:30 – 5:30 pm | 6 dates

$60 for TGCA members | $90 for non-members

Students will learn how to integrate multiple drawing techniques to create texture when making their own fast food (hamburger) and making abstract art with multiple layers of shades to show their understanding of value. They will be challenged to draw realistic and detailed dinosaurs, create 6 different optical illusions to make their own cube artwork and will design a demon-horse character, practicing drawing shape/ form of horses. Finally, students will also draw a realistic animal of their choosing.

Composition with pastel classes | Mar. 19 – April 23 | 6 dates | registration opens Mar. 1, closes Mar. 15

Medium – chalk pastel

Our kids and youth art classes are designed to accommodate any skill level.

Art class materials list here.

Ages 5-8 | all skill levels | Mar. 19 – April 23 | 1:30 – 2:30 pm | 6 dates

$60 for TGCA members | $90 for non-members

Students will make a black and white pumpkin using chalk. While practicing their 3D art skill, they’ll create a robot with some depth. The youth artists will learn about Canadian artist, Ted Harrison and artic landscapes, and they’ll be challenged to make radial symmetry art; working on patterning techniques. The class will finish by making a goldfish pond complete with lily pads with chalk pastel.

Ages 9 – 12 | all skill levels | Mar. 19 – April 23 | 3 – 4 pm | 6 dates

$60 for TGCA members | $90 for non-members

Students will create their own black and white haunted house scene, design their own robots detailing how their robot can make life easier for them. They’ll be introduced to the artwork by Canadian Artist, Ted Harrison and will recreate an arctic landscape, learning the significance of Inukshuks, as well as create Mandala dot art and their own version of The Goldfish, originally painted by Matisse.

Ages 13 – 15 | all skill levels | Mar. 19 – April 23 | 4:30 – 5:30 pm | 6 dates

$60 for TGCA members | $90 for non-members

Students will study the skeletal system and make a black and white rendering of a section of the skeleton in detail. They will dive into fantasy drawings, combining robotics and steam punk design with human anatomy. The class includes an in-depth study of Canadian artist, Ted Harrison and teens will make their own intricate Arctic landscape with wildlife. Artists will be asked to use their own art to make a tessellation art piece, and the finally use the skills they’ve learned to create their own chalk landscape.

Watercolour classes | April 30 – June 11, no class May 21 | 6 dates | registration opens Apr. 12, closes Apr. 26

Medium – watercolour paints

Our kids and youth art classes are designed to accommodate any skill level.

Art class materials list here.

Ages 5 – 8 | all skills levels | April 30 – June 11, no class May 21 | 1:30 – 2:30 pm | 6 dates

$60 for TGCA members | $90 for non-members

Students will design Word Art to create a picture and paint it, create a tree study, and make a Chesire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. They’ll explore watercolour when making winter wildlife scenes, and then finally start to learn how to draw the human form and the basics of wash techniques.

Ages 9-12 | all skills levels | April 30 – June 11, no class May 21 | 3 – 4 pm | 6 dates

$60 for TGCA members | $90 for non-members

Students will use Word Art/onomatopoeia to make cartoon strips, make a Chesire cat from Alice in Wonderland as well as explore the therapeutic world of Neurographic art, combining zentangle and abstract techniques. Students will learn the basics of using watercolour and wet and dry techniques when painting a bouquet of flowers and work in groups to draw full body figures and action poses of their classmates to paint. Skills covered will be paper preparation as well as various types of wash techniques.

Ages 13-15 | all skill levels | April 30 – June 11, no class May 21 | 4:30 – 5:30 pm | 6 dates

$60 for TGCA members | $90 for non-members

Students will learn prepping paper; practice wet, dry, flat wash, gradated wash and variegated wash techniques; then apply the techniques learned in their artwork. They’ll make a graphic word art advertisement selling a favorite product, a Steam Punk a cat or other character of their choosing and do a tree study. The concept of Neurographic art and its use in relaxation will be covered and combined with intricate Zentangle designs to create a unique piece of abstract art, and finally draw the human form in different action poses, learning how to landmark to proportion their human subjects easier when drawing and then painting.

Your TGCA Art Instructor: Karen Pennifold

Karen has been creating children and youth art programming for over 15 years and has experience with children and youth of all ages as well as art classes in a variety of mediums. Karen is a self-taught artist and her artwork depicts Canadian landscapes, wildlife, Canadian Indigenous Culture and her work has been greatly influenced by The Group Of Seven.

Register for Calgary North West Ringette

If you are a resident of Thorncliffe or Greenview and you would like to register your child with Calgary North West Ringette, registrants must register with both NW Ringette and the Thorncliffe Greenview Community Association.

The TGCA is able to charge far lower fees for registration based on the parent or someone in your family working at our community bingo nights. Please see the Fee Assistance Initiative information page here for more information. These bingo shifts allow parents to offset some of the burden of registration fees, while giving the community association help with one of the most imperative fundraising to keep our facilities maintained.

Please see the below table to determine which age level your child is.

Please note that working the shifts is not a requirement, but strongly encouraged by the TGCA. If you’re not interested, please request the full amount for registration via the below TGCA contact when registering.

If you would like to register your child for Ringette, please contact Diana,, and ensure that you know which age level you would like to register for.

We take Mastercard and Visa over the phone, but if you’d like to pay with cash or cheque, please specify this in your email.