The TGCA Business Membership

We at the TGCA are proud members of both the business and the non-profit community in Calgary. As such, we seek to enrich commerce, as well as overall quality of life in Thorncliffe, Greenview and within our membership. The business membership program is one of the ways we fulfill these aims.

The TGCA provides a variety of community amenities combined with an extensive array of programs and year-round events and activities to promote and support our members and others who come to share and use our facilities. We are an advocate for our residents, a partner with local businesses and a liaison to our city’s various departments. The development of our community requires that we recognize the diversity among us in order to achieve social, economic, cultural and environmental goals.

Your business membership will demonstrate to residents, volunteers and TGCA members that you and your staff value community building and investing in community is important to you. 


Growth in the forecast

Our community is currently experiencing renewed growth as younger families move into our neighbourhoods. This is contributing to property modernization both through pre-sale renovations and from the investment of new homeowners. Schools in our neighbourhoods are also experiencing new growth, especially in the earlier grades. With the median age in our primary members’ communities shifting, we are committed to upholding our legacy of cooperation and support, while ensuring that our facilities remain well maintained, up-to-date, and a vibrant hub for residents, both near and in the greater Calgary area.


Benefits of The TGCA Business Membership

The business membership program was revisited in 2020. We’ve rolled out a new format that includes many new features that will create more delineated lines of connection between our business, resident, and non-resident members, as well as bring people face-to-face to allow for new relationships and community building.

Some of the benefits our business members enjoy:

  • Support the TGCA in its efforts to increase quality of life and community spirit.
  • A new business member announcement campaign, specifically about your business, shared on all of our social platforms, our community news page and in the weekly e-newsletter. 
  • Reach TGCA members, families and business members for discounts and promotions.
  • Showcase your connectivity to Thorncliffe and Greenview and its community association.
  • Attract more business from locals in the neighbourhood and beyond.
  • Be given access to setup a promotional tent or kiosk at our popular annual community events, like Neighbour Day and the annual Stampede Yahoo!
  • A promotional shout-out for your business in some of our weekly emails to the membership throughout the year.
  • Mentions and/or tags in related TGCA social media (about 10,000 monthly impressions). Tag us and we’ll share any of our business member’s posts. 
  • A listing of your offer to the TGCA membership in the “TGCA Members’ Benefits” page and the “Business Membership Page.”
  • A sign or badge to display at your business or website that shows your commitment and partnership with the community association.
  • The ability to offer exclusive member loyalty discounts to TGCA members to encourage members to visit your business.
  • Enjoy advance notice and opportunity to sponsor TGCA events and show your support.
  • A membership account on our site, easy payment options and an annual email notification to renew your membership.

A partnership with the TGCA is great optics!

An opportunity to demonstrate your businesses’ commitment to the quality of life and community spirit in our thriving neighbourhoods. 

Thorncliffe placed 15th in the 185 communities in Avenues Magazine’s Best Places to Live in 2019.

The TGCA has  2500 followers on Facebook and has been “checked in” at 5515 times, we have 2100 followers on Twitter, boasting a combined 10,000 impressions in a typical month. Our Instagram numbers are growing every month too!

The TGCA is one of the largest community association complexes in Calgary and has over 800 members and counting.

Our weekly email newsletter has over 2000 subscribers and a higher than average open and click rate for the nonprofit sector. 

Your annual membership and online account

Please fill out the application below for membership, and, upon approval, we will send an invoice to the provided contact email. You can pay with Visa, Mastercard over the phone or come into our office and pay with credit, debit, cash or cheque. 

The TGCA business membership is active for one year beginning when your payment is confirmed, and you will receive a notification when it’s time to renew.

Offers to the Membership

As part of the TGCA business membership, we ask that you offer our members a discount or deal that is exclusive to the TGCA. This could be 10% off of purchases, or one-hour free service, or the like. These offers are intended to bring TGCA members to your business, so keep that in mind. Offers to the membership will be reviewed with your application.

Business membership fees

If you have any questions or concerns about this program, please contact

Prospective business members please note: (1) businesses in Thorncliffe and Greenview will be given priority, (2) the TGCA will not allow duplicate chain/franchise businesses into the business membership. Please contact us if you are interested in being waitlisted. 

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Current TGCA Business Members

Sandi Hegland, Thorncliffe Realtor with Real Estate Professionals Inc.

Sandi is a dynamic Thorncliffe Realtor who has been living in and supporting the community for 30 years. She’s got a passion for Real Estate and People, let’s chat!

Offer to TGCA members: Free market evaluation and a Tim Horton’s gift card!

Thorncliffe Family Dental

Their general dentists, Dr. Muoi Leong and Dr. James Peng, and staff understand the value of oral health and provide a welcoming environment for family dental care, where strong smiles are nurtured. They welcome children and adults for preventive oral health treatments and dental restorations and will be happy to make an appointment for you and your family today.

Offer to TGCA members: 10% off all services

Unit #4 – 5602 – 4th Street NW | 403-274-7033 |

The Heartland Agency and Imagine Early Learning and Child Care

The Heartland Agency and Imagine Early Learning and Child Care believe that all children deserve high quality, affordable and consistent child care.  As an Agency, Heartland has been providing preschool services to children with developmental delays and behavioural challenges for over 20 years, and we continue to extend that same inclusive philosophy into our child care services. We have Full-time and Drop-In care available. We offer a high educator-to-child ratio, with a focus on supporting children’s social and emotional development. Imagine Daycare is run out of Centre 4800 location (4804 Edmonton Trail NE). Please contact Nav at or (587) 577-4552

Offer to TGCA members: 5% off the first month of care

4804 Edmonton Trail NE | 587-577-4552 |

Pawsitive Solutions

This puppy and dog training company runs classes at the TGCA! Pawsitive Solution uses positive training methods that your whole family can participate in. We want everyone in the family to actively engage in your dog’s training. Research shows that reward-based training is the most effective form of training for your dog, and Pawsitive Solutions was created to leverage that research into tools and programs that enhance the relationship you have with your animal. Various classes for puppies and dogs available.

Founder and head trainer, Kris Carroll, is a certified dog trainer and hopes to educate as many people as possible about each stage of a dog’s training, from early puppy socialization to mature dog obedience and trick training for all ages.

Offer to TGCA members: 10% off all services

5600 Centre St. N | 403-467-9076 |

Fun Kids' Club, Before & After School Care

“Connecting reliable care for our future generations in the community”

The Fun Kids’ Club cultivates authentic and caring relationships and connections to create a sense of belonging among children and adults and the world around them. Operating before and after school care, as well as summer camps. 

Offer to TGCA members: 5% off monthly fees.

5600 Centre St. N, look for the entrance on the west side of the building | kidsclubcalgary.ca587-393-7635.

CottageCare, Calgary North Central

CottageCare has the distinguished record of using environmentally friendly cleaning products since our beginning in the ‘70s. We clean using our 165-point checklist. We prove our confidence & value of each and every cleaning, by letting our customers choose when to start and stop service. We’re proud to say we work with our customers, on average, for over 5 years. We understand that our customers’ lives are hectic, and your cleaning company shouldn’t add to that stress. Need to reschedule? Not a problem. You’ll never be charged a fee to move or reschedule an appointment with CottageCare. We perform detailed background checks on every crew member before we hire them, and CottageCare is bonded and insured so you can rest easy. Freedom from housework…it’s a fabulous feeling!

Offer to TGCA members: $100 OFF your first cleaning! And $25 OFF cleanings after that for every customer you refer to us!

1045 McTavish Rd NE | 403-278-7845 | | contact Heidi, branch manager,

Nose Creek Physiotherapy, Beddington

“Get back to living the life you deserve”

We help people aged 30+ years old in Calgary restore mobility, strength and balance to their full potential with less dependence on medication. At Nose Creek Physiotherapy we love to help people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s and above. Our objective is to get back to living the life they deserve. Above all, we all deserve a life free from painkillers. A life where doctor appointments are not on your to-do-list every week. Lives where you enjoy all the things you love, without the fear of pain holding you back. We will get you moving faster and feeling better! 

Offer to TGCA Members: a $25 discount on your first massage at our Beddington office; a Welcome Package; a free discovery session with our physiotherapists, massage therapist or traditional Chinese medicine acupuncturist; and free admission to our monthly workshops that take place on the third Wednesday of the month at 7 pm in the clinic at the Beddington Co-op Shopping Centre.

8220 Centre St. NE, #153 | 587-871-8430 |

Calgary Chain Wash

Calgary Chain Wash offers bicycle tune ups for reasonable rates -$99 same-day bike tune ups- and is owned and operated by Chris Green, a big believer in community. Look for the blue tents in the TGCA north lot every Saturday beginning April 29, 9 am – 5 pm. Bring your bike in the morning and come get it at the end of the day. Spots are limited, phone Chris to make an appointment, 587-223-2857. Gift certificates available.

Offer to TGCA members: 10% off regular tune-ups | Bonus family deal – add up to 2 kids’ bikes(less than 26″ wheels) to a regular tune-up for $40 each.

Facebook page: CalgaryChainwash587-223-2857

Fearless Fitness Health & Wellness by Dani

Dani, a Certified Fitness Nutrition & Wellness Coach, who specializes in personal training, boot camps, group training, nutrition coaching, and wellness coaching, is the owner and head coach of Fearless Fitness. All services are accessible both physically and digitally to meet everyone’s needs and accommodate schedules! Working with Fearless Fitness offers a judgment-free, healthy environment with trainers who are heart-centered, compassionate, and understanding. Our goal is for you to begin living the healthiest, happiest, and most fearless life imaginable through an individualized approach to coaching. 

Offer to TGCA members: 15% off all services | | Handle: @fearlessfitnessbydani on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, YouTube

A&W - Beddington Co-op Shopping Centre

Canada’s original and fastest growing burger chain. We have the commitment of having the best tasting food. The first and only restaurant to serve Beef without the use of hormones, Chicken raised without the use of antibiotics, Eggs from hens fed by a vegetarian diet without animal byproducts and proud to serve Organic Fairtrade Coffee. In addition, you can now enjoy different frozen blends of rootbeer, mouth watering flavours of fruit smoothies, and hot and cold espresso based beverages. 

Offer to TGCA members: 10% off at regular menu price

 Beddington Co-Op Shopping Centre, 8206 Centre St NE | 403-275-9319