New mini gallery art piece installed

Did you know that there’s a mini art gallery next to the covered picnic table in the inclusive playground? Yep, that’s right!

As part of the City of Calgary’s NE public art initiative, the mini gallery was installed and local artist’s pieces displayed beginning January of this year. The initiative supports local artists and businesses, enhances our neighbourhoods, and reflects the people who live in the communities where the art is located.

The latest exhibition for September to December in our mini gallery is now on display. The artist’s name is Yutaka Asmara, see bio below, and check out Asmara’s Instagram page here.

Via the City of Calgary site:

Artist bio and piece info: Yutaka Shobir Isa Asmara is an Indonesian-Canadian high schooler with a passion for the arts. Asmara loves working traditionally with graphite and pencil crayon, including some recent forays into acrylic painting. Asmara tends to explore themes of reflection and intimacy, inspired by artists like Anthony Cudahy and Jenny Holzer. This work, titled Remembrance Duty, is a layered, multimedia piece of built-up pencil crayon and acrylic washes, and was made specifically for the City of Calgary’s Northeast Mini Gallery Exhibition.

Previous artists and info on this initiative on the City of Calgary site here

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Programming and Community Engagement Coordinator at the TGCA,

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