The March 2021 Horizon Delivery

We’ve received a number of questions and inquiries regarding the recent delivery of our community newsletter, The Horizon, to residents’ homes.

The TGCA and our previous publisher, Great News Media, discontinued our partnership in April 2020and the last official Horizon went to Thorncliffe Greenview homes the same monthThis partnership has not resumed. We were very disappointed to learn that the Horizon didn’t generate enough advertising to pay for its printing and delivery costs.

The newsletter that residents received in March 2021 was not endorsed by the community association and the CA’s branding should not have been on the cover. We have asked the publisher to remove it multiple times and expect that it will not appear on their product again.  

Should you receive a community newsletter in future (should the advertising warrant it), please note that the TGCA is not endorsing or contributing to these publications at this time.  

Thank you to those who reached out. We expect that any further confusion about the proprietary property of the TGCA and its branding in this matter will be resolved going forward.

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TGCA Programming & Community Engagement Coordinator

Programming and Community Engagement Coordinator at the TGCA,

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