The Annual TGCA Holiday Decorating Contest | 2022 winners announced!

2022 winners announced!

Thanks so much to all the folks who entered the contest this year and those that voted too! We got 67 votes over a couple of weeks and the 2nd and 3rd prize winners were really close!

1st place -a $100 TGCA gift card- goes to the Sinclairs, 5403 Buckthorn Rd. NW with an average rating of 3.01 stars out of 5.

2nd place – a $75 TGCA gift card- goes to the Newells, 515 Trafford Drive NW with an average rating of 2.79 stars out of 5.

3rd place – a $50 TGCA gift card- goes to the Puddicombes, 511 Trafford Dr. NW with an average rating of 2.72 stars out of 5.

We hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season and got out to see the lights and feel that magic. Thanks again so much to our awesome TGCA business member sponsors for donating the prizes for this contest!

The 2022 Annual Holiday Decorating Contest in Thorncliffe and Greenview

Contest now closed for submissions. Thanks to all who entered! We’ve got 11 entries, so check them out and vote for your favourites and then have a look at the map and plan a festive and economical tour to see the lights in the neighbourhood this year! 


A map of all the entries will be released on Dec. 22 so that we can all check out the lights in Thorncliffe & Greenview over the holidays. So, take your hot chocolate on tour in your favourite go-mug to see the lights this December!


How to enter: Email 3 images –as attachments, not embedded into the email body– of your holiday lights and outdoor décor to with your address and name or family name. Submission deadline is Dec. 21, 3:30 pm.


Map of entries: there will be a link to a digital map of contest entries available on this page on Dec. 22. Do a tour of the neighbourhood and ogle the lights to see what’s really special about the holidays.


How to vote in the contest: voting will take place from Dec. 22 – Jan. 8. Visit this page to vote on your favourite light displays. Voting will be 1 – 5 stars for each entry. Give your favourites all 5!


Winners to be announced on January 9, 2022.


Prizes to be won:

1st prize: a $100 TGCA gift card

2nd prize: a $75 TGCA gift card

3rd prize: a $50 TGCA gift card

TGCA gift cards can be used for just about all the facilities in the centre, like bowling (walk-in) and the restaurant! (Sorry, public skate in the Forbes Innes Arena can’t take TGCA gift cards as payment.)


This contest is open to Thorncliffe and Greenview residents only.

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