The 2021 TGCA Holiday Adopt-a-Family

Dec. 3 update -
All 12 families have been funded this year! Not only that but we've exceeded our goal of $5250 and "adopted" 3 more families! Total funds raised this year are $7755!
Donations for the 2021 Adopt-a-Family are now closed.

Thanks so much to the Calgary Northstars U18AA Black hockey players and all the parents that distributed flyers in the area!

The community came together to create a brighter holiday for 12+ families in 2021!!

The 2021 TGCA Adopt-a-Family Fundraiser has been an incredible success this year thanks to residents, members, local teams, businesses and families! A true community effort that benefits people right here in the community. Bravo, everyone!

We’ve raised the $5250 for the 12 families and when we get a final tally likely enough for another 4 or 5!! Stay tuned for the final total, as we need to contact more families.

The donations got off to a pretty slow start this year and as the month wore on, we realized we had to hustle to get these funds raised. We had 57 online donations and collected money at the Craft Fair and in The 56, and by the 3rd week things were looking somewhat dire but then we had a wonderful group of hockey players and parents offer to help us get some flyers out to the community and then the final weekend the donations just seemed to pour in!

Thanks so much to the Calgary Northstars U18AA Black hockey players and all the parents that distributed flyers in the area!

An ultra enthusiastic thanks to Adair Tree Care, The Thorncliffe Greenview Women’s League, Thorncliffe Family Dental, Pawsitive Solutions Ltd., and CCSL Co-Ed Hockey League for their very generous donations this year.

A hearty thanks to Thorncliffe School for their referrals in this second year of the TGCA’s Adopt-a-Family. They will be pitching in again to help distribute the funds that were donated over and above the $5250 for the 12 initial families.

We look forward to bringing this fundraiser to the community next year and thanks again to everyone who supported Thorncliffe and Greenview families in need in 2021!!

Thanks so very much to our generous donors to date:

  1. Anonymous

  2. Anonymous

  3. Keith and Doreen Nixon

  4. Giddings
  5. Vanessa Gillard & Adam Grayton
  6. The Thorncliffe Greenview Women’s League
  7. Adair Tree Care Ltd.
  8. Davis
  9. Lisa & Rob
  10. Anonymous
  11. Anonymous
  12. The Rambows
  13. Anne Countryman
  14. Anonymous
  15. Lucy & Jesse
  16. Sawyer D
  17. Thorncliffe Family Dental
  18. Steve and Jaci Eising
  19. Anonymous
  20. Krista Kirkpatrick-Hatch
  21. Jack and Beryl De Lorme
  22. Karen Marcus & Sandy MacIsaac
  23. Pure Pilates
  24. M. Gillard
  25. JWH and Family
  26. Pawsitive Solutions Ltd.
  27. KIrvine/SDHayward
  28. A. Abbott
  29. Robbie
  30. Anonymous
  31. CCSL Co-Ed Hockey League
  32. Dana & Gale Moffit
  33. Griffith/Brown
  34. Anonymous
  35. Eric & Angela
  36. Mary Hamm
  37. Darcy & Whitney Dueck & kids
  38. Terry & Clae Wagner
  39. Joel & Helen
  40. A.R.Wright Plumbing & Heating Ltd
  41. Parkson Family
  42. Richard & Norma Shalansky
  43. George & Sandy Parkson
  44. Anonymous
  45. Scott & Maggie
  46. Asmus Family
  47. Sue and Bob
  48. Anonymous
  49. Anonymous
  50. Anonymous
  51. Anonymous
  52. Stacey McDade
  53. R Davis
  54. Anonymous
  55. Anonymous
  56. The Bjarnason Family
  57. T. Dundas
  58. Chanone Heikkinen & Dave Dick
  59. Mary Hamm

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