Thank you, Diana Christie

Diana ChristieThe face of TGCA is changing. Diana Christie, our office manager will be retiring in June. We will all miss Diana but couldn’t be happier for her as she begins a new chapter of enjoying her well earned retirement.

Diana has been the face and backbone of this community working alongside five different presidents through her years of service beginning in 1990. She is the communications center providing information and acts as a sounding board to ensure bylaws, protocols and government rules are followed. Her friendly demeanor and commitment to excellence in customer service have made her an outstanding ambassador for TGCA.

When we started applying for grants to support community infrastructure, she did the due diligence to learn the procedures and guide us through the process. More than an employee Diana has made TGCA her home. Diana has always put the needs of TGCA first and foremost and has been a role model for all staff.

In the summer you would always find her cheering on fast pitch games and keeping score. Her children played fast pitch and soccer for the community, and they were proud community members. Even now she is contributing to the community on a volunteer basis as she helps with our children’s events. We have counted on Diana for many years, and she has stepped up to the plate every time.

Thank you, Diana for your dedication, friendship, and commitment. Diana is looking forward to more free time, gardening, spending time with her grandchildren and we hope dropping by TGCA to say hi!

It is with heartfelt appreciation and sincere thanks we wish you a happy and healthy retirement where you take the time to enjoy all those things that make you happy.

TGCA Programming & Community Engagement Coordinator

Programming and Community Engagement Coordinator at the TGCA,

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