Recreation: TGCA Events


TGCA’s Seasonal Events

Part of our purpose as a community association in Thorncliffe Greenview is to provide a variety of community amenities combined with an extensive array of programs and year-round events and activities to promote and support our members and others who come to share and use our facilities in order to ultimately increase quality of life and community spirit of our area.

Largely due to the hard work of our events committee, which mainly consists of Diana Christie, Melissa LaCoste, Mary LaCoste, and a small group of other dedicated volunteers, our seasonal events are exceptionally popular and well attended by TGCA members and non-members alike. However, members of the association receive a discounted price on the tickets to these events, and advanced notice of dates and event details.

Typically, our seasonal events revolve around children, and rarely, do we ever have an event at which some form of special entertainment or activity isn’t included. The children and the parents tell us they look forward to our events all year long!

These events often sellout, and in order that we might provide enough food, seating, activities, and (sometimes) gifts, we have to know in advance how many people to expect. As a result, our online sales often end a week before the event itself and we don’t sell tickets at the door.

Our events are supported by those in the community in a number of ways other than attending, though we really appreciate all the smiles and good times.

If you’ve had fun in the past and would like to lend a hand in the future, please submit your application to volunteer and let’s build something together!

If you have any questions about an upcoming event, please contact Vanessa,

TGCA Annual Events

  • The Easter Caper – April
  • Neighbour Day – June
  • The Stampede Yahoo – July
  • The Halloween Dinner & Dance – October
  • The TGCA Craft Fair – November
  • The Jingle Bell Hop – December
  • Member Appreciation Day – December