TGCA bowling party package for up to 8 people – 2 lanes

Book your bowling party package:

  1. If you have an account, log in. This will simplify the payment process later and stop you from having multiple accounts in our system.
  2. Review the availability of your intended dates in the calendar. Days in red/white are not available.
  3. Click on the time that you’d like your party to begin.
  4. Fill out the questions, read all messaging regarding what’s included in your party package.
  5. Click “book now” and check out.
  6. You will receive a confirmation email which confirms your booking with our staff.

You may have either 1 large pizza or 8 hot dogs included in your package. See info page for more details.

If you chose pizza, what kind would you like?

The pizza is large size and cut into 16 pieces for kids’ parties.

You may have either pop or juice boxes included in your package. See info page for more details.

If you are expecting over 20 guests, please make a reservation in the restaurant for after your bowling, as that many can not be accommodated in the party room in the bowling alley.

Each party package includes the party room for one hour after your hour of bowling.

If you would like additional food, please order from our staff when you check in at the beginning of your party.


if you are expecting over 20 guests and are planning to stay passed the end of your party package timeslot, tables are not guaranteed in the restaurant without a reservation. To make a table reservation for after your party, please email The 56 manager, Wendy Worth,