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Camp ground – Weekend booking (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) for 1, 2 or 3 sites

To check availability and book your site: 

  1. The calendar below shows available dates in green and unavailable dates in red. 
  2. Click on the date you would like to see and choose the time period you would like to book. 
  3. When you have chosen the one that you would like, and how many sites click “book now,” and it will appear in your cart. Add as many as you’d like to your cart.
  4. If it says “this block cannot be booked” there are already site(s) booked that day/weekend. If you adjust the amount of sites you’d like you may be permitted to book. 
  5. View your cart by clicking on the shopping bag icon in the main menu or the “view cart” button above the calendar 
  6. If you are satisfied with the booking(s) that you have chosen, click “check out,” enter your Visa or Mastercard info and you’ll be booked. You’ll receive a confirmation email for your camp ground booking as well. 
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All Weekend Rental (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

There are 3 sites available at the campground, and you can rent 1, 2 or all 3.

If you’d like to book days before or after the weekend as well, please use the single weekday booking option when you’re done booking your weekend at the camp ground.

Campground rental rates:
Number of sites All Weekend Rental (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
1 site 3 days: $35.00
2 sites 3 days: $70.00
All 3 sites 3 days: $100.00

Prices listed do not include tax, GST will be added at checkout.

If you’d like to rent the site for an extended period, please check the availability and contact the office to get a rental rate.