North Hill Area Traffic Calming Improvements

This summer, The City is moving forward with improvements to the North Hill area, to create inclusive, safe streets for all residents and commuters in the North Hill area. Here are the improvements they are moving forward with by the end of the year:

· Making the diagonal diverters permanent at 1 Street and 34 Avenue N.E., and at 2 Street and 22 Avenue N.W.

· Installing new speed humps on 23 Avenue and 21 Avenue near 2 Street N.W. to help slow down vehicle speeds in the area.

· Installing new temporary traffic calming curb extensions beside Crescent Heights High School, to increase pedestrian and school safety.

· These changes will discourage shortcutting and ensure residential streets remain pleasant and quiet routes. To learn more about the project and to see maps of the improvement areas, visit

TGCA Programming & Community Engagement Coordinator

Programming and Community Engagement Coordinator at the TGCA,

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