MP Michelle Rempel Garner’s April 2022 report to constituents

I recently hosted  a virtual town hall with our community. I was pleased to have over 300 members of our community attend to discuss the issues that they are most concerned about. 

One of the top issues that I heard was concerns on invoking the Emergencies Act. Many Canadians are rightfully  looking to the government for a plan on when Covid-19 mandates within federal jurisdiction will be safely lifted. This is something I have been calling on the federal government to do for over a year. The government has a responsibility to address these concerns, however, as they failed to do so the situation grew more volatile. I do believe that protests can be peaceful while still breaking the law. It is illegal to blockade critical infrastructure, the blockades that occurred in Coutts and on the Ambassador Bridge were illegal. This is why I called for an immediate de-escalation of all voices and for the government to utilize laws in existence to resolve the situation and clear the blockades. I did not support the Emergencies Act and voted against this unprecedented use of power. I don’t believe this was a necessary step, as there are legal tools already in place that could have been used.

At the time of writing this, the other main concern I am hearing about is Russia’s invasion into Ukraine. Russia’s attack is the most serious threat to the rules-based international order since 1945, threatening the longest period of relative peace and prosperity in modern history. Canada cannot turn a blind eye to this egregious invasion of a sovereign nation. The government has stated they will take further action in concert with our allies and I intend to work alongside all Parliamentarians to ensure they do so. Humanitarian aid to Ukraine and support for refugees will also be needed, and Canada should rise to the occasion and provide it. We must stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, and push Canada’s federal government to meet Ukraine’s needs in this time of unparalleled crisis.

As always please do not hesitate to contact me should you have questions on issues of importance to you.

The Hon. Michelle Rempel Garner
Member of Parliament

Calgary Nose Hill 

TGCA Programming & Community Engagement Coordinator

Programming and Community Engagement Coordinator at the TGCA,