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Your Event at The 56 Restaurant & Lounge

Why not forgo all that planning and let us do the work for you!

The 56 hosts many types of events, like Christmas parties, anniversaries, league wrap-ups, corporate retreats, and birthday parties.

The capacity of the room is 80 seated, there are 8 televisions with the evening’s best games on, and we’ve got great billiard, bowling & entertainment options too. There’s also a jukebox with all your classic rock favourites on it.

We’ve got some of the best prices that you’ll find with our appetizers starting at $8 and domestic bottles are $4.50 during happy hour.

Tempted? There’s more!

The food at an event is pretty make or break and at The 56 you can either have your guests order off the menu, you can pre-order food from the menu-our pizzas are always a crowd pleaser-or you can arrange some catering from our kitchens in advance. We’ve got plenty of options and our team is incredibly accommodating.

The 56 is free to book in advance, however, we are a membership association and, though the membership is pleased to extend an invitation to non-members, The 56 can not be booked for completely private events.

If you have any questions about booking The 56 for an event, please contact our Food & Beverage Manager, Wendy Worth,

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