5504 Centre St update – June 3, 2021

Hi TG residents,

Following our last update in March you will have seen the fencing has come down from the house at 5504 Centre Street. This is because the 90 day closure has come to an end. As a reminder the house can no longer be used as a rental property and there continues to be 9 months of stringent conditions on the property.  The owner also has the ability to make improvements for the purpose of placing it up for sale.

I received an update from our Constable from Calgary Police and they will continue to stay engaged on this property including regular check points to ensure there are no violations of the conditions. They are very committed to ensuring the community is safe and this house will not cause us problems.

 Your efforts have been invaluable and have contributed greatly to the significant progress that has been made.  Please continue to let us know if any concerns arise so they can be flagged.

Alison Abbott

VP Public Service

TGCA Programming & Community Engagement Coordinator

Programming and Community Engagement Coordinator at the TGCA, v.gillard@tgcacalgary.com

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