The TGCA Racquetball League

The TGCA racquetball league has been going strong for decades and there’s always room for more players! This is a mixed league and open to any level of skill. Tell your friends and get in the game. Our league includes divisions for: beginner, intermediate, advanced and elite. The players are a fun bunch and often enjoy a bite and a beverage in our restaurant after their games. Sounds great, right?

The TGCA Racquetball League | Winter 2024 | Registration now closed

Days & times

The league nights are on Monday and Wednesday every week between 5 – 9 pm. You can play Monday or Wednesday or both.

Mondays, 5:15 – 8:15 pm, Jan. 15 – April 22 | no league on Family Day, Feb. 19 | windup on April 22

Wednesdays, 5:15 – 8:15 pm, Jan. 17 – April 17 | windup on April 17

League matches are three games to 21 (rally scoring) with a 45-minute time slot. Players can request that their matches start no earlier than 6:45 pm.

Winter 2024 season windup nights are April 17 & 22. Players enjoy refreshments and snacks at the windup and division winners can look forward to some swag and prizes in celebration of another great season.


Registration & fees

Registration for the Winter 2024 season will be open Dec. 15 – Jan. 10. See more info in the “To register online” section of this page. 

The cost of each night’s league is $122+tax and $10.50 for snacks and prizes on each windup night. This is a TGCA league, so all league participants must have a valid TGCA membership to participate. League fees are a great deal at less than $10 per night!

To register online

First, make sure you’re logged into your membership account. To pay and register for the day you’d like, click the Monday and/or the Wednesday boxes, answer the additional questions, add it to your cart and checkout.  You can pay with Visa or Mastercard online. If you’re having trouble adding registration to your cart, make sure you are logged in and have a valid TGCA membership. If you’d like to pay with debit or cash, please visit the TGCA office to register.

Players will be added to the schedule upon successful payment of fees and league schedules will be created when all registration is received from the office by the league leaders.


League structure

There are two seasons per year, one in September – the Fall season, and one in January – the Winter season. Each league runs for 14 weeks, the last of which is a fun night called “windup.” 

This is a mixed league open to both male and female players. The league uses a hybrid league/ladder format. Players are ranked on a ladder based on their proven or stated ability level (beginner, intermediate, advanced or elite) and will be scheduled to play 13 games against a minimum of seven different opponents who are closest to their ability level. Schedules are set at the beginning of each season, however, such that players cannot move up or down the ladder during the season.

Unfortunately, people cannot drop in as all schedules are set. If anyone gets hurt of drops out, there will be replacement players sought. 


League leaders: The TGCA Racquetball League is led by Barry Placsko and Michael Pereira. If you are new to the league or for more information contact Barry

Equipment: All players typically have their own equipment, but you can also rent goggles and racquets at The 56. Inquire with the staff. Safety goggles are mandatory.

TGCA membership: Please note that you need a valid TGCA membership to register for this league. Visit the membership information page for more about becoming a member and the membership overview page for managing your existing membership account. 

Courts and changerooms: All four courts and the change rooms will be open on league nights to league players. Light soled, indoor shoes on the courts only please. Please leave your locker open when you’re finished with it and bring your own lock for your belongings. The TGCA is not responsible for any lost or stolen contents out of lockers or bags left outside the courts.

Terms & conditions: The TGCA expects all league participants to agree to the terms and condition of the league, which can be found on this page as well as in the checkout page when paying online.

The TGCA asks all league players to pay their fees online. If you aren’t sure how to do this, please send an email to Vanessa, and she’ll be happy to help you get your fees squared away.

Sickness/cancelations: If you aren’t feeling well on your designated league night and are displaying symptoms of COVID-19, please do not enter the TGCA premises. If you are not able to make a league match for any reason, please contact your opponent as soon as possible. You may make up a missed game by contacting The 56 Restaurant at 403-274-5574. Please inform the staff this is a make-up game, the name of both players, and the date/time you wish to play. There is no cost for a make-up game, but please limit your play to 45 minutes. TGCA has the right to deny make-up games, if the courts are booked.