TGCA bingo shifts for FAI participants and volunteers, July – August 2023

The TGCA Fee Assistance Initiative is available to members only, so please visit our membership page, purchase yours and login before you sign up for your bingo shifts.

Choosing your shifts in the calendar:

  • Navigate to the month you’d like.
  • Available bingo dates appear in green. Full dates in red are not available.
  • Click on the date you are interested in to see if there are available shifts and then click on the available shift time – 4:45. Number of availble shifts that day will apear next to the time below | ex. 4:45 (4) indicates 4 shifts are still available.
  • Choose your program from the list and add your child’s name or the name of the person working (if not yourself), if you’d like. If you have more than one child in FAI programs this may make things easier for you and the TGCA.
  • Click “book now.” This will add the shift to your cart.
  • Add as many shifts to your cart as you’d like and then view your cart to make sure you’re satisfied with your scheduled shifts.
  • When you’re satisfied with your chosen shifts, proceed to check out and “check out.”
  • You will receive an email notification confirming your shifts.
  • For your reference, look in your membership account under “bookings” to review all of your scheduled shifts.

If you haven’t received the confirmation email, your shifts are not booked.

Thanks so much for your participation in this initiative. If you have any trouble, please email Vanessa,

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