Spaces for Rent: Event Venues

Liquor Licenses and Service

The following applies to Client Stocked Bar services only

The renter supplies their liquor and the liquor license and offers either a no host bar or a cash bar with the renter retaining 100% of the profits, should there be any.

If your event is a private party, like a wedding or a birthday party, you can purchase your license from the liquor store that you purchase your liquor supplies from. If your event is a ticketed event, you must get your license directly from the AGLC. In either case, if you do not have a license for your event, our banquet staff will not allow the sale of alcohol.

Liquor sales at ANY EVENT must end by 1:00 am, no exceptions. Any alcohol purchased before 1:00 am must be consumed by 2:00 am, at this time all drinks will be bussed by TGCA staff.

In accordance with AGLC, when liquor is served, hot or cold food items (prepared in a licensed facility) must be offered for patron consumption.

You can purchase your event liquor license online from the AGLC. See their site in the link below.