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The Corkage Fee - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a corkage fee?

A corkage fee is a charge -set by a hotel, venue or restaurant- for bringing your own liquor into their establishment to consume or sell to your guests.

In the case of the TGCA, the corkage fee applies to both liquor service and non-liquor service events, though they are different prices:

Liquor service corkage fee: $4.75 per guest

Non-liquor service corkage fee: $3.25 per guest

What does this fee pay for?

This fee covers a number of aspects of service at your event: pop, juice, ice, plastic glasses, setup and tear-down, general cleanup, and the necessary bartending staff for the evening-in the Main Hall only. In the Thorncliffe and 5600 rooms you will be charged hourly for a TGCA bartender.

Do I have to pay this fee?

Corkage is a non-negotiable fee for your rental if you’ve rented a room with a bar(s) on a Friday or Saturday. Corkage covers the TGCA’s costs to run the bar, and in the case of the main hall rentals, to staff them as well.

The only case where a rental would not pay the corkage fee is if they are renting the space for a meeting or the like, and they will not be providing refreshments and entertainment, which you may do outside out peak hours. (Fridays and Saturdays)

What rooms would I have to pay corkage in?

Corkage is charged to your event when there is bar service. The Main Hall, The Thorncliffe Room, and The 5600 Room each have full bars in them.

Can I provide my own bartender?

No, you may not. In compliance with the AGLC and our insurance provider, we must provide Proserve-certified staff for any event that will be serving alcohol.

How do I pay the corkage?

The corkage fee will be on your initial invoice as a charge per guest. This amount is based on the number guests that you are expecting. This fee is to be paid with the rest of your invoice for the rental two weeks prior to your event. 

What if less people than the minimum corkage shows up?

The minimum corkage fee is non-refundable, as the TGCA will have stocked and staffed for at least that amount of guests for your event.