TGCA catering | Salad for a Group

Choose from the following salads for 20 or 40 guests and multiply your order in the “Number of orders” field for larger groups. Please choose one salad to add to your cart at a time. 

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Get an estimate:

  1. Choose the number of orders of salad.
  2. Choose the date you’d like them.
  3. Choose the option you want (20 or 40 servings)
  4. Add to your cart by clicking “Check availability”
  5. Add any other items you’d like to your cart. (ex. beverages or additional trays)
  6. View your order in the checkout screen screen to see total with tax.

Submit your order:

  1. Go through the previous steps.
  2. Fill out all info in checkout screen.
  3. Click required boxes and click on “Request confirmation.”
  4. You will receive a confirmation to your provided email and our staff will contact you to confirm all details.



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