TGCA Bingo

The Fee Assistance Initiative

Book your bingo shift dates for Summer 2021

Note: there is now one calendar for all programs and individuals eligible for the fee assistance initiative. TGISC program members no longer need to use a separate calendar. 

The TGCA Fee Assistance Initiative is available to members only, so please visit our membership page and purchase yours before you sign up for your bingo shifts. 

If your registrar has explained that you are responsible for registering for the bingo shifts that you’d like, you may register below.

The TGCA is no longer taking post-dated cheques for this initiative to ensure our participant’s adherence. As such, please note: if you miss your shift and do not find a replacement, you will be excluded from further available dates and any future dates you may have booked will be cancelled. No exceptions. All eligible participant in the FIA or those booking shifts as part of their team agreements are responsible for booking their own shifts. Please don’t book shift for other people unless you are willing to be responsible for their missing their shift.

To book your shift(s):

  • Log in to your membership account.  
  • Click on the date you would like to register for, add it to your cart along with any other dates you’d like to book and checkout.
  • Please read the explanation when you click on the date. It’s a detailed explanation of how to keep track of your shifts.
  • If there are no shifts available on the date you’ve chosen, an “out of stock” message will appear. The calendar will be updated to remove unavailable shifts regularly.
  • You will receive an initial confirmation email in response to your request after checkout. This confirms your shift.
  • After submitting your registration for your shifts by checking out, you can see the dates in your membership account under “orders”. Please refer back for your reference.  

The TGCA asks that if you’d like to cancel or switch a shift, you provide 2 weeks notice. If you would like to cancel or switch a previously registered shift, please contact Vanessa,

Please see the FIA information page for more information and download your guide for your bingo shift.